As part of the efforts of the EAMC (Engineering Association for Mediterraneen Countries) to promote and strengthen a culture of exchange and partnership on the cultural, academic, economic and social level in the Mediterranean region, a TUNeIT project was launched and to which have joined the schools of architecture and engineers: ENAU, ENSIT and ENIM as well as the Tunisian order of engineers. TUNeIT proposes the construction of a bridge connecting Africa and Europe via Cap Bon, Sicily and the Strait of Messina.

It is also a vector of scientific and cultural exchanges between professionals, academics and students from both shores of the Mediterranean.

In this context, the partners announced above are organizing an ideas competition for the design of an artificial island off El Haouaria Cap Bon Tunisia.

This competition is open to students of architecture schools and engineering students in Civil Engineering, Energy Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Three components are offered within the competition.

Website:  http://www.tuneit.tn/fr/

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