MEDACCRED 4 : Competencies referential and open badges

Symposium on « Competencies referential » for Engineering Schools, Competencies Description and Open-Badges.

Following the "MEDAccred" symposium on international accreditation procedures for engineering education organised in Tunisia (2017), Morocco (2018) and Algeria (2019), the Mediterranean Network of Engineering and Management Schools (RMEI-M) is organising a new series of conference on Competencies Framework, Competency descriptions and Open Badges specific to engineering education.

These subjects are at the heart of the reflection that must be carried out during the design of teaching programmes. They are used to reinforce the control of educational and evaluation processes of learning outcomes. Today several typologies of descriptions are used, and one of the aims of the Symposium is to clarify their logic and usefulness.

The Symposium will be led by recognised experts in competencies description, their implementation and their valorisation in new tools such as Open Badges. It will take place in Hammamet, Tunisia, 24 to 26 November 2022.

It concerns all actors of engineering training, public or private, academics as well as professionals from the business world. It aims to create new synergies to bring engineering training programmes closer to the needs of the socio-economic world and thus strengthen the employability of young engineers as well as technological innovation on both sides of the Mediterranean basin.

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